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How to Delete a Remini Account?

Unlike creating a Remini account, deleting your Remini account is neither easy nor simple. It is quite technical and changes from operating system to operating system. For Android, deleting Remini is entirely different from those of Mac or iOS. Nevertheless, the following methods are the easiest ones for those users, who intend to delete their accounts:

remini account

How to Delete Remini Account Android?

For Android users, it is not mandatory to delete their account through in-app steps. Rather they can delete their accounts through the direct method, which is shown below:

● Enter the official Google Play Store and tap on the tab that reads: “My Apps and Games.”
● You may discover all those apps or games which you have installed, and now it is time to figure out where Remini lies.
● When you have found the Remini App, tap on it and it will display a pop-up that reads “Uninstall.”
● After uninstalling the app, your account will be automatically deactivated, which can be activated whenever you desire to rejoin Remini.

How to Delete Remini Account iPhone?

For iPhone users, there are two primary methods to delete one’s account. However, the easy one is given below, since the other method is quite complicated:
● Unlock your iPhone and look for the Remini app to hold for a few seconds.
● A pop-up saying “X” will be shown and tap on it to delete your Remini account in 2024.


Installation of Remini is quite easy, but removing it from your device might not be as easy as you deem. So, if you are wondering how to delete a Remini account in 2024, then you had better follow the methods given above.

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